Uncountable generations before Warren came to be, The Realm of Six Seasons was young and wild, tumultuous and grim. The earliest of Druids called their home The Realm of Seasons, as the elements seemed to behave on capricious whims, unable or unwilling to settle into any sort of pattern. Snow mixed with heat waves, rains lashed out in the desert-lands. It was a difficult place to live, and the wandering Druids were miserable and desperate.

The Druids of yester-age, however, were crafty and thoughtful. They believed that the Seasons could be tamed and made more stable if they could focus the raw energy into a physical idol. Using these idols, the Druids saw they could forge a natural and everlasting rhythm with which to quell the fierce Realm into a wondrous place. A predictable changing of seasons would allow all life, and the Druids, to prosper.

There are four types of druids encountered in the game:

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