A Druid's Duel Wiki

Fairies give players an instant Mana bonus when they capture one. Besides defeating another player, this is the only way to get bonus Mana to can use on a current turn, so they can potentially change the course of the game.

Fairies are spawned in two ways:

  • If there are none on the board, the game will simply add three on the next turn change, randomly placing them on the board, including over empty spaces (Fairies can fly, after all).
  • The other way to find Fairies is to use the ability of Snarlclaws and Bears to destroy Obstacles. Any time an Obstacle is destroyed it will spawn a Fairy somewhere close by.

Fairies never expire and the longer they are around the more Mana they are worth when captured, from three to nine. Players might have to chase them down.


  • A new unit cannot capture a fairy when spawned on its location. Instead, the fairy will move to another unoccupied space within one tile.