A Druid's Duel Wiki

Mana is the resource players use to summon new Druids to the board on any land they already own and is used to temporarily Transform Druids into powerful animals, purchase Druids, and build bridges between land tiles.

For each piece of owned land, players generate Mana at the beginning of their turn. Land types generate Mana at different rates. Use the Mana Strength box to figure out which land is more valuable and concentrate on holding it.

Relics - appearing as stone obelisks - can be captured as well. Doing so grants 10 Mana per round, starting on the round after it is captured.


  • Mana does not carry over to a player's next turn. "Use it or lose it." There is no reason not so spend it all every single turn.
  • Fairies increase in Mana value each time the turn changes. White and blue are worth three Mana, red is worth nine.