A Druid's Duel Wiki

The Season Stones were once ordinary rocks, laying comfortably in dirt or water, minding their own business and watching the worlds turn. They gave no heed to the savage shifting of Seasons, nor did ice, sleet, rain, nor wind bother them in the least. They certainly cared nothing for the order in which the weather arrived or for how long it remained.

The Druids sought out these six unremarkable and dare we say, dismissive, stones for their idols. Through mysterious and powerful forces now long forgotten, each Season Stone was blessed and enchanted over long years, honed into a focal point for all of the elements of a given Season. As the Season Stones gained control over its elements, the Six Seasons began to separate and find an order that suited themselves.

For ages the Druids have watched over the Season Stones, tending to the mystic cycle of Seasons. They flow in lovely, time-honored order, year after year.

But now, some dastardly wicked Druid has found a way to manipulate the Seasons. By weakening each Season Stone, its hold over its Season has lessened, so much so that the Seasons themselves are becoming blurred and confused.