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Snarlclaw Druids are fierce soldiers for the player's Circle. Strength and endurance are combined with untamed ferocity in this one-druid wrecking machine.

Snarlclaws cost 15 Mana. He can move and/or attack up to two spaces away. Aside from the Waywalker's spells, the Snarlclaw is the only other unit that can destroy an obstacle.

Animal form[]

Sprite Bear.png

The Bear is ferocity incarnate. In this form, a druid becomes a steamroller of unstoppable power, trampling foes and covering great distances.

It costs 10 Mana to transform into the Bear. As a Bear, he can move and attack up to three spaces in a row. In this form, he is the only unit that can destroy a Turtle, the Waywalker's form. It takes all three attacks to do so, however.

  • Multiple Bears can attack the same Turtle for any combination of three total hits.