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Snarlclaw Druids are fierce soldiers for the player's Circle. Strength and endurance are combined with untamed ferocity in this one-druid wrecking machine.

Snarlclaws cost 15 Mana. He can move and/or attack up to two spaces away. Aside from the Waywalker's spells, the Snarlclaw is the only other unit that can destroy an obstacle.

Animal form Edit

Sprite Bear

The Bear is ferocity incarnate. In this form, a druid becomes a steamroller of unstoppable power, trampling foes and covering great distances.

It costs 10 Mana to transform into the Bear. As a Bear, he can move and attack up to three spaces in a row. In this form, he is the only unit that can destroy a Turtle, the Waywalker's form. It takes all three attacks to do so, however.

  • Multiple Bears can attack the same Turtle for any combination of three total hits.

Animations Edit

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