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The Waywalker derives his powers from the primal force of Mana. He is at one with the land, and uses ancient rites to bend it to his will. Use his skills to master the landscape to the detriment of foes.

Waywalker druids cost 20 Mana. If the player has no other Waywalker on the board, the first Waywalker will be active when it is summoned, meaning it can be used immediately. He can perform up to three actions, but only one of them can be a spell.

The Waywalker has access to three powerful spells, all costing Mana:

  • Add or remove land (three Mana)
    • This is performed two spaces away.
    • If land is removed with an enemy unit on it, the unit is destroyed.
  • Add or remove an obstacle (two Mana)
    • Adding an obstacle means that piece of land can no longer be owned.
    • Adding an obstacle serves to block other units from moving.
  • Steal a piece of land (three Mana)

Animal form[]

Sprite Turtle.png

Ancient and wise, The Turtle can protect himself and others by blocking crucial pathways. His thick shell is impervious to even the fiercest of attacks.

It costs five Mana to transform into the Turtle and renders him invulnerable to all attacks - except for those that remove the land under his feet and those of the Snarlclaw in Bear form. It is the only animal form that lasts through an opponent's turn.