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Loners by nature, the fearless Wind Rider delves deep into the wilder lands in search of his quarry. Wind Riders are brave scouts and wondrous marksmen who attack only from a safe distance. Beware, however, he is vulnerable in close quarters.

Wind Rider druids cost 10 Mana. He can choose to either move one space in any direction or fire his bow two spaces. He cannot shoot at spaces adjacent to him.

Animal form[]

Sprite Eagle.png

A powerful and versatile animal form, the Eagle can help to expand behind enemy lines, reach disconnected land masses or attack distant enemies. Sacrificing a Wind Rider/Eagle can be a good way to get rid of powerful foes.

It costs 10 Mana to transform into the Eagle. The Eagle can move six spaces in any direction, choosing to inhabit an empty space or, if the space is occupied by an enemy unit, strike that unit to kill it before landing.